Balmoral show was an excellent 3 day event and there was a great turnout of members. We had a very successful show and were very glad to win the ewe lamb and ram lamb class and to get 2nd place in the ewe and ram classes.  The champion on the day went to Adrian Hamilton with his 2 year old ram (Kingarrow Ben - 141959) which he purchased from us in 2012 and we were really pleased to see how well he has grown into a superb ram. The reserve champion went to Cyril Cromie with his lovely shearling ewe which he purchased from a breeder in England last year. The standard of Jacob sheep at the show was excellent and the breed standard of sheep being shown is getting better all the time. We now are looking forward to omagh show on the 6th July and clogher show on the 31st july.
We have nearly come to the end of our lambing for another year and we have 14 ewes lambed with 25 lambs at foot. We have 3 ewes left to lamb (2 triplets + 1 double) so all being well we should have 30 odd lambs this year. All sheep are indoors as the weather has been very wet and cold and as you will see by the pics below they all seem quite content in the warmth of the shed. With the lambing there is always losses and unfortunately we lost our ewe (milly) to twin lamb disease at the beginning of jan and we have lost 2 lambs at birth. We will have some nice lambs for showing and selling this year and we are looking forward to hopefully another succesfull showing year if all goes to plan. The picture shows Sharons ewe (Lynn) with her two lambs (Tiny Tim + Tina. 

On Wed 25th July we travelled to clogher show. Thankfully the weather eas good and all members who attended had a very good day. In the picture is from the left Scott Hamilton(r/champion), Derek Brown (judge) and Colin Beattie(champion) with his shearling ewe. On Tues we travelled to worcester jacob sale and were very pleased to come home with 8 very nice pedigree sheep to improve our flock. Our next big day outis Enniskillen show and then Gosford show and sale 1st Sept. 

We headed to Omagh show on Saturday 7th July and thankfully the weather was very
good. There was a good turnout of Jacobs and the champion on the day was awarded
to Colin Beattie(Glenpark Jacobs) and reserve went to Scott Hamilton(Beltrim
Jacobs). Our son Alex did really well to win the young handlers competition for
the 1st time at Omagh show with his ram lamb Alfie. We havent updated our blog
in a while but currently we have 4 rams, 13 ewes, 4 shearling ewes and 30 lambs.
We had a very good lambing % this year and we will have plenty of good ewe and
ram lambs for the sale in Gosford(1st Sept). We will also be taking two
shearling rams and two shearling ewes. All these sheep will be registered with
the Jacob Sheep Society and will have pedigree certificates.
We have 8 ewes lambed now with a good strike of 17 lambs. We have four Jacobs left to lamb and three of them are due to have triples. We also have Aimees Hampshire down and Alexs black ewe to lamb both due doubles very soon. We have gained one pet lamb as one of our triples wasnt thriving that well so we decided to give him a bit of a boost with a bottle feed each day.   All ewes and lambs have been moved to the red hen field and the weather has improved so all seem to be doing well. We have gained one new member this week from Gortin(Janet Devlins Uncle) so our membership  in Ireland is growing steadily.   

We moved our next batch of ewes to lamb over to the shed yesterday as they are due to lamb on the 28th jan and we were very lucky to wake up this morning with two very nice ewe lambs from our ewe Rosie. They must have been born around 2am as we had checked the ewes at 12pm and when we checked them again this morning at 6am they were full of milk and licked dry.  Rosie gave us two very good lambs last year and has done the same again this year.  Keeping our fingers crossed that the rest do as well.